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Pigeon Breast Pump Electrical

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  • Get this electrical breast pump by Pigeon. Its bottle is made of high-quality BPA free material. It's silicone liner massages breasts while milking, easing the pain. Its breast cup and feeding bottle can be sterilized. It’s so easy and totally comfortable to use. It comes with its stand.
  • Comfort Properfit Flange
  • 2 Phase technology
  • Adjustable suction pressure
  • Bottle Stand
  • Fewer Parts
  • Comfort ProperFit™ Soft Silicone Cushion

    Made from soft and flexible silicone, PIGEON’S patented cushion is air-tight and molds easily to the breast, providing a secure seal and comfortable fit that prevents air leakage during expression, which allows mothers to maximize milk flow. Based on research on Asian mothers in particular, PIGEON has customized two cushion sizes – regular (23mm in diameter) and large (27mm in diameter) – which are included in each breast pump set.

    2-Phase Technology: Stimulation and Expression Mode

    The breast pumps are designed with two modes that enable mothers to successfully express milk efficiently. Mothers who need help to stimulate the breast can use the stimulation mode where the pump can mimic a baby’s natural sucking rhythm that sends a milk ‘let-down’ signal to the breast to initiate milk flow. Mothers can also enjoy customizable pumping with the expression mode that provides varying levels of suction power and speed, allowing them to express milk in a shorter time. This helps mothers express the hind milk – the high-fat and calorie-rich breast milk usually only present in the last breastfeeding stage – more quickly. The hind milk helps babies to feel full for longer between feeds.

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