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Nuk Feeder Warmer 3 In 1

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NUK Thermo 3in1 Bottle Warmer, for easy, safe and gentle warming, defrosting and keeping warm, for standard glass jars and bottles

Why a Bottle Warmer?
A bottle warmer helps make life easier for many parents already directly after the birth of their child. If a baby is bottle fed, then a bottle warmer is indispensable: repeatedly checking the thermometer and cooling the bottle under cold water when it is too hot belong to the past. With the help of the gradual heating process in the water bath, the NUK Thermo 3in1 Bottle Warmer gently warms the baby food evenly to the desired temperature. With its automatic “keep warm” function, this can then be kept warm and ready for eating. The bottle warmer is also suitable for easily warming expressed breastmilk gently.

How do you use the Bottle Warmer?
Using the NUK Thermo 3in1 is quite simple: whether the baby food is at room temperature or frozen – first of all the bottle or the unopened glass jar with the help of the basket is put into the bottle warmer which is then filled with water. Using the control knob, it is very simple to select the desired setting and warm or defrost the milk of the puree. After reaching the desired temperature, the appliance automatically goes over to the warm setting. There is a particular advantage to the NUK Thermo 3in1 Bottle Warmer: when defrosting the food is gently warmed, so that important vitamins and nutrients are retained.

Easy to clean
The separate basket serves as a glass jar holder, with which baby bottles and baby food jars can easily be put into the space-saving and light NUK Thermo 3in1 Bottle Warmer and taken out again. This means cleaning the bottle warmer is taken care of in no time at all.

Please note:

  • Suitable for liquids and pureed foods in standard glass jars and bottles
  • The appliance is not suitable for PE bottles or breast milk bags.
  • Technical Data: 220-240 Volt, 100 Watt.
  • The NUK Thermo 3in1 Bottle Warmer should be regularly descaled to ensure that it functions properly.

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