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Baby Nasal Aspirator Bulb Baby Nose Cleaner Safe Reusable Nose Suckers' Colorful Baby Nose Aspirator Nose Suction for Kids Newborn Toddlers Infants

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  • Safe and Trustworthy Material: the nasal aspirator for baby is made of soft silicone material, safe and trustworthy to use without harmful substances, you can use it to effectively remove booger or mucus in baby's nose for a long time because of its good wear resistant performance
  • Adequate Number: the package includes 6 pieces of nose suckers for baby in pink, light yellow and light blue, 2 pieces per color, adequate number can meet your daily use demands and replacement requirements, you can also share some with your friends who have the same need as you, bringing them much convenience
  • Delicate and Thoughtful Design: the baby nasal aspirators are designed without pointed heads, which will not hurt the baby's nose; Besides, the heads of the nasal aspirators are soft enough, that you can use them with confidence; The main body of the baby nasal aspirator is printed with different bright colors, which make it more beautiful and attractive
  • Method to Use: the nasal aspirators are easy and convenient to use, you just need to put them in the baby's nostril and gently press the silicone body with more or less pressure to adjust the suction, then they will suck in the booger or mucus when you loosen the nasal aspirators, cleaning babies' noses and letting them breathe with ease
  • Considerate Gifts: you can send the baby nose cleaners to your friends, relatives, or neighbors who had their baby not long ago, these nose cleaners can well help them clean their baby's nose without injury, bringing much convenience for many parents
  • 1. With suction in hand, be sure the tip is facing away from you and the ball of the suction is grasped between all five fingers of your hand.
  • Next, use your thumb to press the very bottom flat part of the suction inward. Do this away from the baby. This pushes the air completely out of the suction first.
  • After pushing the bottom of the suction in, do not release. Hold it steady just like this. With your other hand, very gently hold your baby's head in place while inserting the tip of the suction into the nostril.
  • Once the tip is in the proper position in the baby's nostril, release the bottom of the suction. The suction will thenpull the phlegm from the baby's nose
  • Note: Please don't boil and microwave, wash with warm water.

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